The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) schedule a citizenship appointment for those applying for naturalization through form N-400. It is very important to be prepared with the required documentation for this interview. Additionally, applicants must study for the English and civics test. These tests will be given at the time of the interview.

If an applicant is not prepared with the required documentation or does not pass the tests, USCIS will deny his/her application. For this reason, although not mandatory, it is very important to hire an attorney who can help applicants prepare for this crucial appointment. Immigration attorney Martha L. Arias helps applicants on their preparation for the citizenship interview, and accompanies them to the actual interview. Some of the documents applicants must take to the naturalization interview include (1) the applicant’s police record from the local police office where he/she has resided for the past six months preceding the application, (2) two passport photographs, (3) proof of taxes paid, (4) proof of child support payments if the person is required to pay child support, (5) final disposition of any criminal case the applicant has in his/her record, and (6) some letters of reference. These are just examples of the important documents an applicant must take to his/her naturalization interview.

If an applicant does not have the required documents available at the time of the interview, USCIS may deny his/her application or may give the applicant 60 days to bring those documents to a second interview that USCIS may schedule. USCIS will also conduct an English and Civics test; this is one of the most important requirements to obtain the United States citizenship. The English test consists of a written and a reading part. The English concepts tested at the naturalization interview are basic and simple. Regarding the civics test, an applicant is required to study 100 questions that include information about the United States’ history and government. Certain applicants may apply for an exemption to these tests if they prove that they have a disability. This disability must be certified by a licensed doctor.

If a naturalization applicant presents all required documentation at the time of the interview, and passes the English and civics test, USCIS will schedule a naturalization ceremony where the applicant will pledge to the American flag. Finally, the applicant will get his/her naturalization certificate and will be able to benefit from being an American!

Attorney Martha Arias has helped many clients obtain their citizenship. Attorney Martha Arias helps clients from filing out their application and completing their naturalization package to assisting them at the time of the naturalization interview. Call us today!

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