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New Actions Announced by President Biden to Secure the Border

Miami Immigration Lawyer Martha Arias - New Border Rules

In response to ongoing challenges at the Southern border, President Biden has announced new executive actions aimed at enhancing border security and addressing immigration issues. These measures include barring migrants who unlawfully cross the Southern border from receiving asylum, streamlining the removal process for individuals without a lawful basis to stay, and strengthening the asylum screening process. Additionally, the administration is intensifying efforts to dismantle human smuggling networks, imposing visa restrictions on those profiting from illegal migration, and expanding immigration enforcement and drug interdiction operations.

Despite these executive actions, President Biden emphasized that comprehensive and permanent solutions require Congressional action to provide the necessary resources and legislative support. The full announcement can be found on the White House website here.

Key Points:

  1. Asylum Restrictions: Migrants crossing the Southern border unlawfully will be barred from receiving asylum.
  2. Enhanced Removal Processes: Measures to quickly remove individuals without a lawful basis to remain in the U.S.
  3. Strengthened Asylum Screening: New rules to expedite the removal of migrants posing public safety or national security risks.
  4. Crackdown on Human Smuggling: Visa restrictions and penalties for those profiting from illegal migration.
  5. Increased Enforcement: Additional resources and agents to the Southern border, record levels of fentanyl seizures, and collaboration with Mexico to combat drug trafficking.

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Martha L. Arias, Esq. - Immigration Law Attorney

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